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Offer for Advertising Agencies

The greatest income for an advertising agency: "renewable income", year in, year out.

This is our offer: incorporate our site - www.busybayusa.com - as part of your media mix and obtain thousands of dollars of annual renewable income for your agency for as long as your client stays active in our books. Example: let's say you have a client with 500 retail locations and our site is active on all locations, your agency will receive $200.00 annually per location, therefore, your agency will get $100,000 yearly from our commissions, year in, year out. In five years, your income will be $500,000.

Your client will also have the opportunity of making thousands of dollars (perhaps even millions of dollars) by utilizing a ”sales code" - given by our computer system - as a referral code which will permit him/her to make $200.00 annually per business owner that joins our site. This is also renewable income for your client. Example: your client has 100 locations. Let's assume that each location recruits 100 clients per year. 100 clients per year multiplied by 100 locations equals 10,000 clients that will come to us. 10,000 clients at $200.00 annually totals $2,000,000 for your client. 

An invitation letter to join BUSY BAY USA usa will do the job for your client, it is available for download in our home page and it can be positioned in a prominent area in the respective business.

Even if your client has fewer locations, our renewable income system is beneficial to all parties involved in the transaction. Please contact us. We will be delighted to explain the system to your full satisfaction.

Thanks. busybayusa@gmail.com off 786-717-5272, 786-575-6756


BUSY BAY USA now offers a fabulous " WHEEL OF GIFTS " similar to the one in " THE PRICE IS RIGHT ". Prizes can be raffled on  premises by just selecting " New Roulette " in Companies in www.busybayusa.com. The unique feature of this " WHEEL " is that ads for the raffle (s) can easily be self-created by owners - or by their personnel - in just seconds. The entities' TVs will beam the ads announcing the raffles continuously for days and weeks. People love discounts and freebies. We are certain this new feature of our site will assist business owners in creating more revenue for their businesses. Winning free goods/merchandise is a plus for all parties involved in the process. This program provides excellent Public Relations ! Try it today. The " Wheel of Gifts " will do wonders for all businesses implementing it !



http://busybayusa.com/raffles/roulette/132 http://busybayusa.com/raffles/roulette/132