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Site Instructions


1- You will first register in our site, then you will check your e-mail box, retrieve your ID and PW and you are ready to login in our site. If you want to have your company visible in our Home Page, you will go to "ADD COMPANY" in your profile and add it with images, logo and video features.

2- Promotions/Discounts There is an area in your Profile titled " Promotions". Please use it to showcase promotions that you may have for the public at large !! The Promotions/Discount Page is visible in Home Page, please scroll all the way down to see it.

3- YOU TUBE PRE-RECORDED VIDEOS To load a video of your company or yourself, you must first load it in YOU TUBE, once loaded in YOU TUBE, you can transfer it to your profile thus allowing visitors/buyers to view it. These videos have a revolving nature.

4- SWAPPING VIDEOS You can exchange videos locally or worldwide, this is a unique feature offered by BUSY BAY USA !! Your video (s) can be seen in New York, Madrid, Rome, Berlin, Paris, Buenos Aires, etc.

5- SALESMAN PROGRAM We offer a generous, renewable commissions based program for commission salespeople interested in working with us.You will be assigned a CODE that must be placed in the Profile of the registering individual or company if you are the procuring cause of that particular registration. Please go to SERVICES/PRICES in Home Page for complete details on this exciting program.

6- PICTURES - A maximum of twenty (20) pictures will be allowed to be downloaded on our site.

7- REGISTRATION FEES Individuals/Corporations (for profit or non-profit) $49.99 monthly. For Outdoor Advertising prices please go to MEMBERSHIP in Home Page.

8- VOICE AND MUSIC FEATURES VOICE background for your ads is a unique feature of our site, this characteristic is very powerful, goods and services can be described continously in a revolving fashion !!. Your own voice or a professional commercial presenter can be used for commercial ads presentations. MUSIC can be uploaded in your profile, this particular feature makes content presentation very enjoyable.

9- " WHEEL OF GIFTS " Once in your profile, please go to " Companies " and you will see " NEW ROULETTE ". Open this icon and create your own " WHEEL " indicating the amount of numbers ( spins - wheels ) you want for your raffle (s). The recommended maximum number of numbers ( spins - wheels ) is forty, the minimum amount of numbers ( spins - wheels ) is sixteen. Enjoy the " WHEEL ".