Membership Fees:  $49.99 monthly for Individuals and Corporations. The membership fee can be reduced to $33.00 monthly utilizing a promotional code.

Outdoor Advertising  for a group of twenty companies. $120.00 per month per Company or Individual. A BUSY BAY USA licensed company employee will be available to present the ads of 20 companies 3 hours a day, 20 days per month. Expected viewership: over 200,000 vehicles monthly. This service is for the local Miami-Dade County area, Florida, USA.

Outdoor Advertising for Corporations/Individuals: $2,000 monthly. One Corporation or Individual alone by itself. Package includes TV sets, all relalted equipment needed for day time and night time displays, availability of a BUSY BAY USA  company employee three hours daily for twenty days, such employee appropiately licensed to operate as street vendor. Expected viewership of client's ads: over 200,000 vehicles monthly. At the present time, this offer is for the local Miami-Dade County area, Florida, USA.

Company flyers can be distributed at POS, cost of flyers to be borne by client.